Works in progress from the atelier

Almost finished sliced head pile, a new ambiguous clay sculpt and a map for a bigger project in the pipe...

7 baked, 1 in the oven. Now waiting for a bred to complete the hamburger

Live Model Sculpting (WIP)

Clay sculpt of a live model, 3 hours long pose.

Works in progress from the atelier

Another head slice for this year's theme based project


Gluing of the broken bust complete ! It is pretty solid although it looks fragile or unbalanced.
Now thinking on painting it or not, because he mix of clay used gives nice colors inside...

Goblin Shaman

Second miniature for the 2014 Telethon event covered by Le Gobelin at Sartrouville.

Goblin Shaman, by gamesworkshop, 28mm scale